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For the developers of the LOCTITE GC solder platform, changing the game meant ignoring the naysayers, bucking current common practices and engineering an inspired innovation in solder technology. In short, LOCTITE GC was designed to deliver what the industry wanted without being influenced by the conventional limits of traditional solder materials. Like other award-winning Henkel solder materials, LOCTITE GC is also lead-free and truly halogen-free with zero added halogens. But, its stable flux chemistry is distinctive and warranted unique identification.

Are you a Game Changer?

But, that’s just the start. The real game changer is what LOCTITE GC materials deliver in printing and reflow performance, yield improvement and bottom line results. What Henkel has known all along, independent testing now confirms.

Electronic soldering – Save costs

A Rewarding Change

For you, being a game-changer isn’t easy. Previous expectations and process protocols are hard to alter. But, if you’re bold enough to challenge antiquated methods, your assembly line, your team and, most importantly, your customers will reap the rewards.


Imagine doing away with complicated paste management procedures and refrigerated rotations. What if you could take solder paste off the shelf, put it on the stencil and go? Visualize the profitability impact of reducing material waste with more than 95% paste utilization, eliminating end-of-shift scrap procedures and dramatically reducing defect rates.


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Change the game competitively for your business. Try LOCTITE GC 10 or LOCTITE GC 3W and transform manufacturing paradigms.

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