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Industry Validation

Outstanding products are not the result of luck. The unequaled award wins, third-party testing validation and, most importantly, customer satisfaction are all based on ingenious chemistry formulation. That’s why Henkel’s solder development program is world-class. Having won countless industry honors, three consecutive NPI awards for different materials – LOCTITE HF 212, LOCTITE GC 10 and LOCTITE GC 3W – and realizing rapid market acceptance, Henkel’s solder innovation significance is undeniable.

EM Best of Industry Award 2015

EM Media LLP honored LOCTITE GC 10 with the Excellence in Assembly Solutions award.

Global Technology Award

Global SMT & Packaging awarded LOCTITE GC 10 a Global Technology Award in the Solder Paste category

SMT China Vision Award

LOCTITE GC 10 earned the SMT China Vision Award at NEPCON China in the Solder Paste category.

EM Asia Innovation Award

LOCTITE GC 10 won the EM Asia Innovation Award in the Solder Paste Materials category from EM Asia magazine.

New Product Introduction Award 2016

LOCTITE GC 3W was awarded the NPI Award in the Soldering Materials category from Circuits Assembly magazine at APEX.

New Product Introduction Award 2015

LOCTITE GC 10 was awarded the NPI Award in the Soldering Materials category from Circuits Assembly magazine at APEX.

New Product Introduction Award 2014

LOCTITE HF 212 was awarded the NPI Award in the Soldering Materials category from Circuits Assembly magazine at APEX.

Customer Testimonials

With the launch of the LOCTITE GC platform, Henkel has forever changed the game and the way the industry thinks about and uses solder paste. Our customers have an advantage, and they’re enthusiastically talking about it.

We have always had issues with paste drying out prematurely and clogging fine-pitch apertures, even during the course of a daily production run. Because of the fine-pitch, high density nature and the reliability requirements of the products we are producing, re-using paste has always been out of the question. Because of this, we expect to discard a minimum of 1/3 of the unused paste of every jar we open.

LOCTITE GC 10 has completely changed our traditional working models. The paste has given us nothing but perfect, consistent results with no refrigeration. In our evaluation, LOCTITE GC 10 came out of the jar perfect and the printing results at 60 hours were just as good as they were an hour after opening the jar. It printed and reflowed perfectly and we achieved very close to 100% yield. In addition, we didn’t experience any aperture clogging, the stencil cleaned up easily and the paste didn’t dry out. The cost savings for our business are substantial and far outweigh any incremental cost differential versus competitive pastes. LOCTITE GC 10 is absolutely the “game changer” it claims to be!

Matthew Polak, Owner, Raven Systems Design, Inc.

Our company has recently entered a field where high-mix, low volume production is the norm and demand is very dynamic. Thanks to LOCTITE GC 10’s temperature stability, long shelf life and simplified storage capability, we don’t have to worry about the performance of our solder paste being compromised, even when demand levels change.

Andrew Thiel, Product Development Engineer, Walker Products, Inc.

Outside of its excellent process performance, which is always our top priority, the sheer simplicity and cost savings realized by LOCTITE GC 10’s hasH2e-free material management are incredible. There is no taking it out of the refrigerator hours before a shift, no complex labeling and, best of all, start-up time is zero. We just take it off the shelf, put it on the stencil and start printing boards. We’ve left LOCTITE GC 10 on the stencil for more than eight hours and it was as creamy as when we first opened the jar – no kneading required. Plus, we can do away with expensive overnight shipping of solder paste and the worry about temperature exposure. With LOCTITE GC 10, we have a lot more latitude and that translates to a more efficient operation.

Chris Murphy, Technical Steward, The Morey Corporation

Our initial evaluation of the new Henkel LOCTITE temperature stable solder paste yielded great results. We were able to hold jobs on the line for as long as two days and had absolutely excellent reflow performance even though the paste had been exposed for an extended period of time. This capability completely eliminates any guesswork as to whether or not the material is still usable – it is! The paste also prints well and, given its projected online utilization, we anticipate that we will significantly reduce paste waste while realizing excellent process performance.

Brian Steelglove, President, Accelerated Assemblies, Inc

LOCTITE GC 10 is a product with good printability, bright solder joints, and good control of solder balling and wetting properties. What makes us most excited is its super long print life; this feature will help us reduce scrap-related costs.

Xiao Tong, General Manager, Hangzhou Digit Technology

We observed high consistency on printability and shiny solder joints after reflow with LOCTITE GC 10. What makes us interested in this product is that it does not require any thawing time before usage. We are currently evaluating the solder paste’s abandon time, stencil life and printing consistency within continuous production runs and are interested in the results.

GES Manufacturing Service (M) Sdn Bhd

The idea to develop a temperature-stable solder paste was conceived as a way to expand the technical capabilities of solder and utilize chemistries that were considered unsuitable for solder pastes due to their inherent reactivity. To achieve not only a temperature-stable solder paste, but a product that delivers exceptional performance on all levels, has taken approximately four years, involved more than 10 members of the R&D team, and well over 1,000 formulation iterations to reach this successful conclusion and deliver this game-changing technology.

Ian Wilding, Director of Product Development – Solder Materials, Henkel Electronic Materials, LLC

We are extremely excited about this product. We have samples in several of our customers’ shops right now, and it looks very promising. This will be a big deal in the solder paste world.

Bruce Weaver, Owner, Great Lakes Engineering

We were one of the early adopters of LOCTITE GC 10 and our initial great results have continued. We have consistently experienced fantastic performance and, in fact, have recommended the material to other companies who are equally as impressed with LOCTITE GC 10. The ability to reuse the material without scrapping remaining paste at the end of a shift has paid big dividends. By our estimates, we’ve saved as much as 50% on overall solder paste costs versus previous materials. LOCTITE GC 10 has exceeded expectations!

Matt Polak, Owner, Raven Systems Design, Inc

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