LOCTITE GC 3W – The Game Changer

Redefining water wash solder paste

LOCTITE GC 3W – The Game Changer

Henkel’s LOCTITE GC 3W is a market breakthrough, the industry’s first-ever water wash solder paste for room temperature storage. It offers incomparable results in aqueous cleaning systems without the addition of saponifiers or co-solvents. Furthermore, post-reflow residue removal is quick and straightforward. Learn more about your benefits when using LOCTITE GC 3W with regard to stability, printing, paste management, reflow, cleanability or logistics.


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Solder paste GC GC 3W

Technical Information:

Regulatory Compliance
Halide/halogen containing Zero Halogens added
Particle Size Distribution

Type 3, 4 Type 3, 4
Performance Stable at 26.5°C 1 month 6 month
Performance Stable at 40°C
1 day 1 month
Abandon Time < 2 hours > 4 hours
Stencil Life < 4 hours > 8 hours
On-line Paste Utilization 75% > 95%
Start-up Time 4–24 hours 0 hours
Soak Temperature (Reflow) 150–180°C 150–180°C
Cleaning Time/Temperature 5-10 min @ 55–75°C 5 min @ 45–60°C
Residue Cleaning (Post Reflow) Within 24 hours Up to 7 days
SIR Post Cleaning
(in accordance with IPC9201A)
Within 24 hours Within 7 days
Voiding Performance
(in accordance with IPC TM-650 2.4.35)
< 10 % < 10 %
Slump Performance (in accordance with IPC TM-650 2.4.35) 0.3 mm 0.2 mm

No refrigeration

  • Eliminates refrigerated warehouse storage
  • Eliminates cold pack, dry ice and overnight shipping
  • Eliminates on-line startup time – no thaw period required
No refrigeration – GC 3W

Improved stability

  • On-line stencil stability: 3 days @ 80% RH
  • Paste stability: 12x over conventional
  • Elevated temperature stability: 100x over conventional
  • Improves shipping logistics management
  • Superior batch-to-batch consistency
Stability – GC 3W

Improved printing

  • Extended abandon times under high humidity production conditions
  • Extended stencil life under high-humidity production conditions
  • High yield paste volumes with lowest aspect ratio
  • Industry leader in paste-transfer efficiency
Printing – GC 3W

Improved paste management

  • On-line paste utilization to more than 95%, compared to 75%
  • Eliminates end-of-day paste scrapping to 5%, compared to 25%
Improved paste management – GC 3W

Improved reflow

  • Excellent coalescence in air for 0201, 01005 and 0.3 mm pitch components
  • After 3 days @ 80% RH, zero dewetting on long soak, high-temperature, reflow profile
  • Minimal hot slump @ 182°C, improving solder joint reliability
  • Best-in-class cosmetic appearance for Pb-free solder joints
  • New flux technology improves total pad solderability in air with reduced solder paste volumes
  • Outperforms halide-containing, industry standard formulations
Reflow – GC 3W

Improved Cleanability

  • Dual cleanability options: ultrasonic and spray under immersion 
  • Low temperature, shorter cleaning time compared to industry standard
  • Easy residue removal over the longest post-reflow cleaning time: 0201, 0402, BGA, CSP, QFP (0.23 mm pitch)
  • No change in residue removal after dual reflows
  • No additional saponifiers or co-solvents required
Water washable – GC 3W

Improved logistics

  • Flexible shipping options by ground, as opposed to air
  • Significant cost reduction by eliminating cold pack, dry ice and overnight shipping
  • Optimized, flexible supply chain
  • Eliminates refrigerated preproduction and warehouse storage
Logistics and Storage – GC 3W

Cost savings

  • Input your current soldering costs and discover your potential savings when upgrading to LOCTITE GC 10
  • Calculations customized based on local currency, weight and timeframes

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Input your requirements and discover your total potential savings when using LOCTITE solder paste in your manufacturing process.

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